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Message posté par skekMal le 21 Nov 2020

Song list:

1. Macabre Cabaret
2. A Secret Kiss
3. A Purse Of Gold And Stars

Macabre Cabaret is an EP, but it’s first opinion about My Dying Bride on the blog – and there is a reason for.

With the release of The Ghost of Orion, the last LP by the band, I was disappointed – the mastering changed Aaron’s voice so drastically, that he didn’t sound himself. But with Macabre Cabaret, they exceeded all my expectations.

The EP is beautiful. Morose, melancholic, with heavy guitars, slow riffs and immensely beautiful lyrics and melodies. One can see that mastering is better, and even if Aaron’s voice is a bit muted, I really can forgive that, because of dark poetry hidden in this album, draped into touching musical veil.

I hope My Dying Bride continues with it. And the next album with be as good as this EP. The same shivers I had with The Manuscript years ago, and I feel My Dying Bride haven’t said their last word.

My favorite song is – of course, ah – A Purse Of Gold And Stars. Delicate rain over weeping stone angel. How I love such songs.

My rating: 9.9/10
Favorite song: A Purse Of Gold And Stars