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Message posté par skekMal le 21 Sep 2020


  1. Sin Deep My Wicked Angel
  2. All Hope In Eclipse
  3. Born In A Burial Gown
  4. Summer Dying Fast
  5. No Time To Cry
  6. The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
  7. Suicide And Other Comforts
  8. Dinner At Deviant’s Palace
  9. The Black Goddess Rises II
  10. Scorched Earth Erotica

Bitter Suites To Succubi was my second Cradle album – a deliciously dark romantic travel it was. Cradles are one of the bands, that even if criticized a lot, never cease to entertain me and bring me positive shivers down my spine.

The album is exceptional in many ways. It not only contains some of my top Cradle songs but also a song that inspired me to begin my adventure with own poetry. It starts oh so well, with very sinister All Hope in Eclipse – which is probably one of CoF darkest songs, the beginning making me spin in joy. Summer Dying Fast is the song I mentioned in case of poetry – beautiful lyrics, which hit me like a hammer, ever since I heard them for the first time. I can’t also not mention Dinner at Deviant’s Palace – only a short interlude but the atmosphere is brilliant. And yes, my second favorite song on the album, Scorched Earth Erotica. I heard it first time when I was an admin of game forum – my friends titled it my signature song and I was listening to it so often, I memorized all the little parts.

Bitter Suites is definitely different than the first albums by CoF, they started their departure from more gothic, more black metal songwriting. With Midian, the album starts a new era of the band, which is more symphonic. That’s why, the album places very importantly in my heart.

I love the gloomy autumny darkness of this record – something passing along with the leaves, and darkness creeping from the shadow-filled corners and from under the lone benches. As the song says, summer is dying fast and the autumn spreads its gown over this album.

I pondered long if Scorched Earth Erotica or All Hope In Eclipse is my favorite song from this album. Yet I gave my points to All Hopeā€¦ for heaviness and ominous tune – it’s perfect to listen at dark, especially with the interlude that proceeds it – Sin Deep My Wicked Angel.

My rating: 8.8/10
Favorite song: All Hope in Eclipse