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Message posté par skekMal le 21 Nov 2020

Song list:

1. Macabre Cabaret
2. A Secret Kiss
3. A Purse Of Gold And Stars

Macabre Cabaret is an EP, but it’s first opinion about My Dying Bride on the blog – and there is a reason for.

With the release of The Ghost of Orion, the last LP by the band, I was disappointed – the mastering changed Aaron’s voice so drastically, that he didn’t sound himself. But with Macabre Cabaret, they exceeded all my expectations.

The EP is beautiful. Morose, melancholic, with heavy guitars, slow riffs and immensely beautiful lyrics and melodies. One can see that mastering is better, and even if Aaron’s voice is a bit muted, I really can forgive that, because of dark poetry hidden in this album, draped into touching musical veil.

I hope My Dying Bride continues with it. And the next album with be as good as this EP. The same shivers I had with The Manuscript years ago, and I feel My Dying Bride haven’t said their last word.

My favorite song is – of course, ah – A Purse Of Gold And Stars. Delicate rain over weeping stone angel. How I love such songs.

My rating: 9.9/10
Favorite song: A Purse Of Gold And Stars

Message posté par skekMal le 21 Sep 2020


  1. Sin Deep My Wicked Angel
  2. All Hope In Eclipse
  3. Born In A Burial Gown
  4. Summer Dying Fast
  5. No Time To Cry
  6. The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
  7. Suicide And Other Comforts
  8. Dinner At Deviant’s Palace
  9. The Black Goddess Rises II
  10. Scorched Earth Erotica

Bitter Suites To Succubi was my second Cradle album – a deliciously dark romantic travel it was. Cradles are one of the bands, that even if criticized a lot, never cease to entertain me and bring me positive shivers down my spine.

The album is exceptional in many ways. It not only contains some of my top Cradle songs but also a song that inspired me to begin my adventure with own poetry. It starts oh so well, with very sinister All Hope in Eclipse – which is probably one of CoF darkest songs, the beginning making me spin in joy. Summer Dying Fast is the song I mentioned in case of poetry – beautiful lyrics, which hit me like a hammer, ever since I heard them for the first time. I can’t also not mention Dinner at Deviant’s Palace – only a short interlude but the atmosphere is brilliant. And yes, my second favorite song on the album, Scorched Earth Erotica. I heard it first time when I was an admin of game forum – my friends titled it my signature song and I was listening to it so often, I memorized all the little parts.

Bitter Suites is definitely different than the first albums by CoF, they started their departure from more gothic, more black metal songwriting. With Midian, the album starts a new era of the band, which is more symphonic. That’s why, the album places very importantly in my heart.

I love the gloomy autumny darkness of this record – something passing along with the leaves, and darkness creeping from the shadow-filled corners and from under the lone benches. As the song says, summer is dying fast and the autumn spreads its gown over this album.

I pondered long if Scorched Earth Erotica or All Hope In Eclipse is my favorite song from this album. Yet I gave my points to All Hope… for heaviness and ominous tune – it’s perfect to listen at dark, especially with the interlude that proceeds it – Sin Deep My Wicked Angel.

My rating: 8.8/10
Favorite song: All Hope in Eclipse

Message posté par skekMal le 19 Jul 2020
Opus Eponymous

Track list

  1. Deus Culpa
  2. Con Clavi Con Dio
  3. Ritual
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Stand by Him
  6. Satan Prayer
  7. Death Knell
  8. Prime Mover
  9. Genesis
  10. Here Comes the Sun

Here we have the first Papa Emeritus introduced 🙂 The album wasn’t first I have heard from them but just after listening to Infestissumam, I grabbed at Opus, so it’s kind of I listened
to both albums at the same time. I love it! The atmospheric light mood opposed by dark lyrics create a great combination. I think that after Opus Eponymous I will never need black metal vocals as much as before, to feel real darkness around haha.

Not everyone knows but the chorus in Satan Prayer is very similiar to theme music from Asterix vs Caesar, an old french animation I used to love as kid – thus, this song is my fave as I always loved that theme!
Ritual has amazing lyrics – I would never think I would cheer for bloody sacrifice so much. Other highlights are also Con Clavi Con Dio and Stand by Him.

Overall, great debut album, with quality and great music from the very beginning. Tobias voice is especially great at Opus and I think he really wanted to make a grand enter with Ghost with this album 🙂

Also, the album artwork is amazing, the blue color somehow fit the mood of the music. Plus it gives a feeling of an old manor where a satanic believers sacrifice innocents and the Great Papa watches above them… and then strikes a thunder and the bats fly from the battlements 😉

My rating: 9.4/10

Favorite song: Satan Prayer

Message posté par skekMal le 08 Jul 2020

Track list:

  1. Intro (duration time: 1:35)
  2. The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) (duration time: 7:06)
  3. Spellcraft and Heathendom (duration time: 4:51)
  4. Dragon’s Lair (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons) (duration time: 5:56)
  5. Lasy Pomorza (duration time: 6:26)
  6. Rising Proudly Towards the Sky (duration time: 6:53)
  7. Thou Shalt Forever Win (duration time: 38)
  8. Grom (duration time: 5:28)

Album recorded by:

Adam “Nergal” Darski – vocal, guitar, acoustic guitar.

Adam “Baal” Muraszko – percussion, supporting vocal.

Leszek “Les” Dziegielewski – bass.

Grom was my second album by Behemoth and I knew already what to expect. I knew that I can get a nice slice of paganism hidden after wall of shriek and that was what I needed then. The very first song, The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) literally put a spell on me and I got totally lost in the atmosphere, Lasy Pomorza, tho… it was most played, most popular and most famous Behemoth song by then and I joined the hype which was present in metal culture and played it countless of times, enjoying polish text. That album made me hyped not only because of the said tracks but also because it was more matured and more dark than Sventevith and had more epic and memorable songs, giving for exemple, Rising Proudly Towards the Sky or Grom. Nergal’s voice always was one of my favourites, so here I again bathed into the atmospheric shrieking and mystical pagan music. I must say that even being Burzum manic fan, I enjoyed this more than any Burzum record by then. A great black metal album, great to listen as first, if you are new to pagan episode in Behemoth’s career.

With Behemoth, overall, I have a love/hate relationship – love the music, not dig the band members. But I guess the music is what counts most, hmm?

Overall rating: 8,47

Favorite song: Lasy Pomorza

Message posté par skekMal le 26 Jun 2020

Dark Age of Reason

Track list:
1 Our God Weeps (duration time: 2:02)
2 Angel Of Sorrow (duration time: 3:11)
3 Source Of Light (duration time: 3:05)
4 The Calm Before The Storm (duration time: 2:58)
5 Dark Age Of Reason (duration time: 7:07)
6 Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming (duration time: 3:01)
7 The Oath (duration time: 3:34)
8 …For My Love (duration time: 2:20)
9 Serenity (duration time: 6:05)
10 The Song Of Mourning (duration time: 3:47)

The album is the first effort of Arcana and still remains one of my favorites, after all these years. When I heard Angel of Sorrow and Source of Light for the first time, my euphoria was immense. These songs are a signature of Arcana for me, the major and minor, the eternal darkness, and, yes, the source of light. Dark and brooding, somehow put me into a special and thoughtful mood. Dark Age of Reason is another song that does that to me, the passage in the middle is simply beautiful. For a long time and many years, Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming, was my favorite song of Arcana, but later I got that from this album I prefer Angel of Sorrow. But still, all songs from the Dark Age of Reason are worthy and extremely beautiful. A great album to start the adventure with the arcane 🙂

Arcana is a special band for me. Immensely mysterious, sometimes dark yet ethereal. I started my adventure with them when Dark Age of Reason came out and honestly, have never heard anything like that. It was love from first sight.

I imagine the videos – if ever made for this album – would be stormy clouds over a garden filled with statues and phloxes covered arbors.

Personal reating: 9,35/10.

Favourite track: Angel of Sorrow.

Message posté par skekMal le 26 Jun 2020

Hello, pagans, metalheads and folk lovers!

This page is dedicated to music which will consist of metal, folk, ethereal and early music but not limited to!

My reviews won’t be by any means professional. I just love to pour my feelings connected with music on paper and I hope you will enjoy them and the bands I recommend :>

See ya soon!