Music speaks to every soul. Wild souls feel it that way... dance under the moon, prayer to the tree god... and the sound of drum, in the distance. Music of the freedom.
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Dark Age of Reason

Track list:
1 Our God Weeps (duration time: 2:02)
2 Angel Of Sorrow (duration time: 3:11)
3 Source Of Light (duration time: 3:05)
4 The Calm Before The Storm (duration time: 2:58)
5 Dark Age Of Reason (duration time: 7:07)
6 Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming (duration time: 3:01)
7 The Oath (duration time: 3:34)
8 …For My Love (duration time: 2:20)
9 Serenity (duration time: 6:05)
10 The Song Of Mourning (duration time: 3:47)

The album is the first effort of Arcana and still remains one of my favorites, after all these years. When I heard Angel of Sorrow and Source of Light for the first time, my euphoria was immense. These songs are a signature of Arcana for me, the major and minor, the eternal darkness, and, yes, the source of light. Dark and brooding, somehow put me into a special and thoughtful mood. Dark Age of Reason is another song that does that to me, the passage in the middle is simply beautiful. For a long time and many years, Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming, was my favorite song of Arcana, but later I got that from this album I prefer Angel of Sorrow. But still, all songs from the Dark Age of Reason are worthy and extremely beautiful. A great album to start the adventure with the arcane 🙂

Arcana is a special band for me. Immensely mysterious, sometimes dark yet ethereal. I started my adventure with them when Dark Age of Reason came out and honestly, have never heard anything like that. It was love from first sight.

I imagine the videos – if ever made for this album – would be stormy clouds over a garden filled with statues and phloxes covered arbors.

Personal reating: 9,35/10.

Favourite track: Angel of Sorrow.